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Operate - Introducing eSign
Operate - Introducing eSign

A new way to efficiently and securely send Licences from Operate

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We have introduced a new, easier way for you to send, sign and store your Licences in Operate with eSign. 

This feature removes all of the manual processes for your organization around distributing Licences, and collecting and storing signed documents. 

Now, your clients can easily, quickly and securely sign Licences electronically.

You can install eSign in your Integrations area of Operate. If you don't have access to this area, please get in touch with one of the Operate Administrators in your team.

How can eSign help?

eSign allows documents to be emailed and signed electronically with the click of a mouse. 

With the Operate eSign feature, you are able to add new fields to your templates to indicate where up to four customers should sign a Licence.

You also have the option to include a countersigner field if you need your Licences to be signed by a member of staff. 

Your Licences can then be emailed to clients. Signatures are collected within a few clicks, and stored automatically within the Account record. 

Operate keeps Licences open indefinitely, until they are signed by all involved parties. The Licence status during this time will either be Issued (Awaiting eSignature) or Issued (Awaiting eCountersignature).

How much will it cost me to use eSign?

We have made it easy for you and your team to use eSign in a completely integrated way. 

  • No per user fee - unlike many traditional eSign solutions, you will not need to pay per user, which means all of your team members can create, send and sign documents at no extra cost.

  • No cost for additional templates - you can use eSign on an unlimited amount of  Licence templates. 

Instead, you will be charged per signed document - i.e. a document that has been successfully signed by all parties. This means that you will only pay for a transaction when a new Account signed a contract. For a signed document, you will be charged £5 (if you are invoiced in GBP), or USD $5 (if you are invoiced in USD).

Installing and using eSign

Follow the instructions in this article to install and configure your eSign integration and start getting your documents signed securely and efficiently today.

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