In order for Operate to save a Licence record, the following fields have to be populated: 

  • Location - This tells Operate where the customer will be based.
  • Account - This determines the customer with whom you are signing the Licence agreement.
  • Contact - The person with whom you are primarily communicating regarding the Licence, from the customer's organization. 
  • Client Type - This determines the client type classification within Operate, which is necessary in order to ensure your billing, workflows, etc are working correctly. 
  • Description - This is your Licence title.
  • Licence - Here is where you can select the document template to use for the agreement. The Licence will not save unless this is set. 
  • Email - Under the Address Details section, please ensure that the Email address is valid and does not contain any space or any of the following characters:  ! " $ £ % * ( )  

Please also check the associated customer's Account record and ensure that the Email address field does not contain a space or one of the following characters:  ! " $ £ % * ( )   

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