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General Operate Portal Guide for Members
General Operate Portal Guide for Members

You can use this guide to show your customers how to use the Operate Portal

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How to use this guide? 

This guide has been created for workspace operator end-users. As an Operator, you may edit this guide, add your own screenshots and any additional information you may need, then provide it to your customers. This guide will help them navigate your Portal and efficiently use the available features. 

As an Operator, you can add this guide as a page of your Portal, which makes it directly available to your customers. You can do so by following the article on Managing Portal Pages in Operate.

What is the Operate Member Portal?

The Operate Member Portal is a web platform where your workspace building Operator can invite you, and which allows you to interact with other members, view and pay your invoices, book rooms, view licences and account statements. You can invite your own staff to the member portal as well.

You will need to first be invited by your Operator, then log into the Portal before being able to use any of the below features. The login is simply done by visiting your Portal URL and entering the necessary credentials. This information should be provided by your Operator, usually via a Portal invitation email. 

The sections below explain some of the essential Portal features and show you how to use them.

How to pay an invoice?

To pay an invoice, first log into the Portal, then go to My Account > Invoices

Here is where there is a list of all invoices on your account. Please not that the Operator needs to have issued your invoices in order for them to be displayed here. All invoices come with the following information: 

  • The invoice date

  • The invoice number, which also links to a preview of the invoice

  • The account to which the invoice belongs

  • The type of invoice

  • The total due

  • The outstanding amount

  • The option to pay outstanding invoices

  • A download link

You need to be an Admin user to access this feature. 

To pay a specific invoice, simply click the Pay link next to it.

Select whether you would like to make a one time or recurring payment. 

Click Pay Now, in the left side of your screen. 

On the Make a Payment window, check that the details of your transaction are correct. Depending on the payment gateway in use, there might be a transaction fee for your payment. This will be displayed among the payment details. 

You can choose an existing payment method or add a new one, using the With dropdown.

Click Continue, then click Pay to complete your transaction. 

How to book a meeting room or desk?

The Portal Booking process is the same, regardless of whether you are booking a room or a desk. We will be using a room booking o exemplify below. Here is how a room booking takes place: 

  • Go to My Bookings, in the main menu. Here is where you can book a meeting room or a desk; and also view your bookings after having made them.

  • On the left side of your screen, there is a Calendar where you can select the date on which you would like to make the booking. Below, you can select the Location and Centre where you would like to book, as well as the number of people you need the room to accommodate, the room layout (for rooms only) and timescale.

  • The available rooms and timeslots will then be listed on the right side of your screen. Click the timeslot that you would like to book.

  • Next, you will be preseted with a confirmation screen where you can adjust at what time you would like to book, as well as for how long. Click Book, if you would like to book the room without adding sny services.

  • If you would like to add services to your booking, click Add Services. You will then see a list of available services you can add to your booking. You can see their price and can adjust the quantity you require. 

  • Once you complete adding services, click Book Room. If you have changed your mind, click Go back to restart your booking. 

  • Once you select to book, a summary will be displayed - please verify your booking details, ensure that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy. Click Pay when you are ready to submit your payment.  

  • Enter the payment information on the next screen. 

  • Click Review Transaction, verify the information, then Submit the payment.

Once the payment has been submitted, the Portal will again display a summary of the booking, which will also become available under My Bookings > View Bookings, as well as on the Operate Calendar, in the Operator's backend.

How to cancel a meeting room or desk booking?

To cancel an existing meeting room or desk booking, please follow the steps below: 

  • Select My Meetings in the main menu.

  • Select View Bookings

  • Find the booking that you want to cancel, then click the Cancel button that corresponds to it.

  • You will then see details of your booking and can provide the Operator with feedback on why you would like to cancel, or simply leave them a message. 

  • Click Send when you are ready to submit the cancellation. 

  • The Portal will now show a cancelation confirmation page. Please note that cancellation fees may apply or you may still be fully charged for the booking, depending on Operator policies in this sense. 

Once the booking is cancelled, it will no longer be visible within your list of bookings.

How to invite new users?

Please note that you need to be an Admin user (invited by the Operator or by another Admin) in order to be able to invite new users to the Portal. 

Start by going to Manage Users option within the Member Portal. Here are the steps they need to follow:

  • Select your user name on the main menu bar and choose Manage Users. 

  • Here is where a list of current portal users is available, along with options to edit, delete, search or invite users. 

  • Click Invite User to proceed.  

  • Enter the user's details - title, first and last name and email address. 

  • Select the user's access level - Basic, Mid or Admin. 

  • Click Send Invite

  • The new member will now receive an email containing the details you have provided.

  • Your member will need to configure a password by clicking "Click here to set your password" within the invite email they receive. They will be taken to a screen like the one below, where they need to enter, then confirm their password, read and agree to the Operator's Terms and Conditions, as well as Privacy Policy. To proceed with their registration, users need to click Agree and Continue. If they do not agree with your policies, they can quit by clicking Disagree & Logout. If they disagree, they will not be registered to the Portal. 

  • The new member will then be able to log in at the Portal's URL address, using their registered email address and password.

Note: Below is a list of permissions which users with different access levels may have on the Portal, once you invite them: 

How to view your account statement?

Your Portal Account Statement shows a list of transactions which have taken place on your Account, between your organization and the building Operator. You can view it by going to My Account > Statement. Please note that you need to be an Admin user to have access to this feature. 

How to View Contracts/Licences?

The Portal allows you to view the Contracts/Licences associated to your account. Please note that you need to be an Admin user to access this feature. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Log in with their username and password.

  • Go to My Account in the navigation menu. 

  • Select My Contract.

The My Contract page will display a list of Licences associated to your account - either active and terminated; or just active, depending on the configuration that your Operated has opted for. The information displayed on this page includes: 

  • Contract No - The Number that corresponds to the Licence record within Operate.

  • Account - The customer Account for which the Licence has been created.

  • Contract Type - The type of agreement - this is generally a Licence agreement.

  • Start Date - The date since when the agreement is enforced.

  • Term - The period within which the Licence is active.

  • Deposit - The deposit that has been retained for the Licence. This will only be available if you, as an Operator, enable it in the Operate Settings, as shown above. 

Viewing Licence Details

To view further details of a specific Licence, customer can simply click the Contract No. link in the list. 

This will take them to a Contract Details page, which will list all charges incurred on a Licence. Each charge will come with the following details: 

  • Type - The type of charge - this will either be Rent or Services.

  • Description - The product that has been charged for.

  • Quantity - The agreed quantity for that particular product.

  • Price - The price per product unit. 

  • Total - The total price per total amount of units purchased (Price * Quantity). 

How to use Shout Outs and Status Updates?

Posting Shout Outs and Status Updates

Shout Outs are a great way for you to communicate with your community, by posting information on your Portal Profile, which other members can view and interact with. They are very similar types of posts, the difference being that Shout Outs can be visible to all members in the bulding; or only to your followers, depending on your Operator's configuration; while Status Updates are only visible to your followers.

As a Portal user, you can post a Shout Out or Status Update by following these steps:

  • The posting section on your account homepage allows you to post either Status Updates or Shout Outs. Select one to conitnue.

  • Enter your desired text, then click Post.

  • Your post will now be displayed below, under the Recent Activity section. 

Replying to Shout Outs and Status Updates

To reply to an already posted Shout Out or Status Update, (this can either be yours or someone else's), all you need to do is enter your text in the "Email a Reply" under the Shout Out/Status Update, then click Reply when you are ready to send your reply. This will send an email to the Shout Out/Status Update poster, informing them about your reply. 

Opting Out of Shout Outs and/or Status Updates

Portal users can opt out of receiving email notifications for Shout Outs/Status Updates by editing their Portal Profile.

To do this, log into the Portal and hover over the user name. then select Privacy Settings. 

Untick the option to 'Receive Shoutout Emails'  and/or 'Receive Status Updates' and then Save the change to stop receiving Shout Out/Status Update email notifications.

How to use the Community feature?

The Community feature on the Operate Portal allows you to find, follow and interact with other people who are based within your office building.

To use this feature, click on Community, on the Portal's main menu bar. 

The Community area will show you a list of members. along with their profile pictures and the companies they work with.  You can follow a member straight away, using the button underneath their profile picture. 

You can also click a member's profile picture to view their complete profile, follow or message them. 

Click Follow to start following a member. 

Click Message to send a message to that member.  Enter a subject, then the content of your message, and then click Send. The member will receive an email notification containing your message.

How to update your profile information?

To update your Profile information, hover over your user name, then select My Profile.

Here is where you can edit any of your profile fields. Completing them all will give you a 100% profile strength.

Don't forget to add a picture as well and to Save your changes when you are ready. 

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