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Operate - Merging Licences
Operate - Merging Licences

This article shows you how to merge to of the same customer's Licence records into one.

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Merging Licences allows you to create one agreement out of two or more Operate Licence records. In case a customer requires additional products and services as part of an agreement; and your organization creates an additional record, this new record can be merged into the existing agreement so you do not have to sign again if you do not want to. Moreover, this is helpful if two of your customers merge into one company, in which case you may need to create a single agreement. In a nutshell, it helps keep all products and services provided to one customer under one contract. 

This feature will allow you to select a Master Licence which, after merging, will list all products, services, spaces and charges that the merged Licences included. 

Good to Know

You can merge Licences of the same Account or of different Accounts, but all should be under the same Location. 

The Account)s) to which the Licences are assigned should belong to the same customer, even if there are two or more accounts to merge from. This may be required in cases where two of your customer companies merge into one and you need their requirements to be combined into one agreement. Operate will not merge Licences under different Locations because customers are required to have separate accounts and agreements for each building they purchase services or rent space in. 

The Status of the Licence does not matter.

Merging Licences 

To merge Licences, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into Operate.

  • Go to Member > Licences.

  • Select the Licences that you want to merge. Please pay attention to the Accounts that these Licences belong to. In the screenshot below, we are using one customer Account with several Licences to illustrate (however, the Accounts can be different, as long as they are under the same Location, as mentioned above).

  • Next, select the Master Licence. This will be the Licence which remains active within Operate, while the information related to the other ones (products, services, space, charges) will be appended to the Master Licence. Click OK when you are ready.

  • Your selected will now merge into one and all information related to them all will be made available under the Master Licence. The Licences that you did not select as a Master will be sent to the Recycle Bin. 

Unmerging Licences

If you merge Licences by mistake or you need to undo this for any reason, you can unmerge Licences as well. 

If you need to identify merged records, click the name of the record you need to unmerge, then click See Events

Operate will now display a history of events occurred on this record. The merging should be displayed here. If you do not see this, then the record you are looking at is not the result of a merge and therefore cannot be unmerged. 

  • Under Member > Licences, select Othe Master Licence that contains previously merged records.

  • Click Unmerge Licences

  • Next, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to unmerge the selected licences. Click OK to do so.

  • Operate will then display the previously merged Licences as separate records.

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