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essensys Platform - Advanced Telephony - Call recording

How do I set up call recording? | Call recording | Raise a case | Access recorded calls

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Occupiers and operators can record calls associated with nominated numbers. Occupiers or the operator can listen to, download, export, or email recorded calls or groups of recorded calls from the call recording portal.


  • Phone numbers with call recording enabled can be viewed in the essensys Platform. See

  • Call recordings are listened to, downloaded, exported, and emailed from the Call recording portal. See Call recording portal.

  • Occupiers can request access to the portal for their individual users or for group administrators. (The user sees user and group info, whereas the group admin sees all details within their group.)

  • When an occupier moves out, all of their recording data is deleted 30 days after the call recording service is deprovisioned. The occupier will not be warned about the delete, and will need to handle their own compliance processes by downloading or exporting call data as required.

  • Important: Occupiers with call recording need to manage their own back ups.

Setting up call recording (raise a case)

You need to raise a case that describes the numbers that you want to record (or that you want to stop recording), and assign a call recording service to the occupier or account.

Before you begin

  • You must have at least one allocated phone number. This enables the Request a telephony configuration change menu.

  • You must have at least one active phone number that is a candidate for call recording.


  1. Click Request a telephony configuration change > Call recording.
    The Raise a case dialog box opens. All fields apart from the description are pre-populated with appropriate details.

  2. In the Description field, enter the information that you require for your call recordings:

    • A list of the phone numbers or assigned users to create call recordings for.

    • Details of the users that should be granted access to the Call recording portal as a group admin.

  3. Click Submit.
    A case is raised and, after a short delay, you receive an email notification.
    Tip: In future, you could raise another case to end call recordings for particular phone numbers or to change the selected numbers.

  4. Add the call recording service:

    1. Add the Call recording service, selecting the number of instances required from the Quantity field.

Once you have supplied all of the required details, essensys will configure your call recording for you.

Important: Calls that are forwarded to a mobile or similar will not be recorded, even if call recording is enabled for the forwarding phone number.

View call recording details (Platform)

  1. At the top-right of the page, click Call recording.
    The Call recording page opens. The page displays the details of the phone numbers that currently have call recording enabled.

  2. Click Back to return to the Telephony page.

Listen to and manage call recordings (Call recording portal)

Call recordings are listened to, downloaded, exported, and emailed using the third-party Call recording portal.

  1. Log in.

  2. View the call recordings.
    Calls are listed chronologically in the right-hand panel. You can search for specific calls using such filters as time/date, caller/callee, and incoming/outgoing calls.

  3. To play a call, simply click the speaker icon.

  4. To export individual calls or groups of calls, use the Pick an Action drop-down menu.

  5. To listen to live calls, click the Live tab at the top of the screen.
    Calls in red are in progress. Calls in grey are the user's last call.

  6. To access your call reports, click on the Reports tab, and search using the available filters (date/time, callee/caller, and so on).

Detail reference

Call recordings page

Shows a list of phone numbers that currently have call recording enabled. Calls to these numbers are recorded, and the recordings are stored for a time-limited period.




Return to the Telephony page.

Call recordings:

  • Phone number

  • Extension

  • Assigned to

Each row represents a phone number that is currently enabled for call recording.

The details include the external phone number, internal extension number, and assigned to value. The assigned to value is the display name for the number and typically matches the assigned user name.

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