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Exporting Operate Calendar Bookings
Exporting Operate Calendar Bookings

This guide shows you how to download a list of Operate Calendar Bookings in CSV format.

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If you need to download a list of bookings from within Operate, you can do so via the Calendar List View.

  • Go to Calendars, in Operate's main menu.

  • Select List View.

  • Click the Export button, at the top right of the list.  

Operate will now generate a CSV file which will automatically download to your computer.

Filtering Your Export

You can use any of the filters at the top of the list to narrow it down. 

In addition, you can use the Search box to look for a specific account (simply search the Account Name) or for a specific booking (by entering the booking reference in the search field).

Exporting Cancellations

If you would like to export a list of cancelled bookings, you ca do so by turning on the Show Cancellations toggle. This will display a list of cancelled bookings, which you can then export by clicking the Export CSV button.

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