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Push Notifications for the Operate Mobile App
Push Notifications for the Operate Mobile App

Stay in touch with your members using push notifications on your Operate mobile app

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The Operate Mobile App allows you to send push notifications to your members' devices, both as standalone messages and as part of your News Feed. This article will show you how they work in both scenarios.

Creating Standalone Notifications

You can easily send push notifications to your members by going to Operate > Settings > General > Mobile > Push Notifications.

Here is where you will find a list of all notifications you send. You can manage this list just like any other List View in Operate.

Click New to create a new Push Notification.

On the next screen, you can enter the title of your notification, add a message and select the Location where it will be displayed. Selecting a particular location means that only members based in that building will receive it.

Don't forget to click Save! - This will not only save your message, but also immediately send the notification to member devices. For now, there is no option to save and edit later, therefore we recommend creating your notification when you are sure you want to send it.

Once sent, the message will be shown on your members' devices and could look similarly to the example below (depending on their device, operating system and notification settings).

Sending a Push Notification along with a News Feed Article

When you create a news feed article, you can easily send a push notification about it by simply ticking a box.

The notification will contain the News Feed article title and short text and will link to the full item screen within the Mobile App.

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