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Attaching a Chart to other Report Types
Attaching a Chart to other Report Types

Enhance data visualisation by attaching a chart to tabular, summary or matrix reports

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You can attach a chart to a report that has been configured as a different type. All you need to do is make sure you configure the chart separately from the main report, as shown in Creating a Chart Report in Operate. Both the main report and the chart will be based on the same source modules, but can contain different data fields.

Charts can be inserted below row groups on summary and matrix reports; as well as at the end of a tabular, summary and matrix report.

You can start with a chart and then configure another report type, but also vice versa. The important detail to note is that you will need to configure the necessary fields for each type of report. If you switch back and forth between report types, the fields you have configured will be kept under each report type.

Below we will show you how to achieve this by starting from another report type (we will use a matrix). Once again, you can start with the chart too, then switch to and configure any report type you want to attach the chart to.

To insert a chart:

  • Configure your main report. See the guides for tabular, summary and matrix reports.

  • Click the report type button.

  • Switch to Chart.

  • Configure your chart according to the instructions in Creating a Chart Report in Operate. Make sure to configure the chart type according to your needs. When you insert it into the main report, the chart type will be picked up according to your configuration.

  • When you are ready, use the report type button to switch back to your main report.

  • If your chart has been fully configured, then you will find an Insert Chart checkbox, among your report options and in group field settings.

To insert a chart at the end of your report

  • Simply tick the 'Insert Chart' box at the top of your chart preview.

  • Here is what it looks like:

  • To insert a chart below a row group, only in a summary or matrix report, go to the Settings of the group field under which you would like to insert it. Click the gear icon on the field to do so.

  • Enable Insert Chart.

Once you save, the chart corresponding to each row group will be displayed under it.

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