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Block MAC address from Guest Wi-Fi
Block MAC address from Guest Wi-Fi

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No matter whether your reason is to manage the security on your Guest Wi-i network or to stop users exploiting the Guest Wi-Fi network, you can now manage what devices to block on your Guest Wi-Fi network through Connect. You simply need to identify the MAC address of the device that you want block and add the MAC address to the list of blocked devices in Connect.

Note this function is available only to Enterprise and Growth editions of Connect.

Where To Block A Device?

As T2 Superadmin and Admin simply navigate to "Settings > Guest Wi-Fi > "Block Devices".

How To Block Or Unblock A Device?

To block a device from connecting to your sites Guest W-Fi network click the "Add" button and type the devices MAC address you want to block and click "Save".

You are able to add multiple devices to block at the same time by clicking the "Add another device" text. If you have more than one site and you will need to repeat the same process after selecting a different site.

To unblock a device from your Guest Wi-Fi network all you need to do is select one or more MAC addresses and then click the "Delete" button. You will be presented a confirmation message and the list of MAC addresses before they are removed from the list of blocked devices.

What Will A Blocked Device Experience?

When a blocked device attempts to access the Guest Wi-Fi network, the splash page will open as usual but the form fields and buttons will be disabled. The user will be presented with a error message in red with the following text "Your device has been blocked from the network" and the user will not be able to connect.

However if the device is already connected to Guest Wi-Fi then the device will be allowed to finish their current session.

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