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When we need to contact you via email in relation to your sites scheduled maintenance or when there is a service issue, this contact email can now be managed in Connect by a T2 Superadmin or admin.

There are 3 contact categories:

  1. Operator Key Contact: (T2 Superadmin editable only) The contact for multi site service updates and contact for full site impacting service issues.

  2. Site Key Contact: Site level emergency contact (circuit connectivity, site wide internet/voice issues)

  3. Maintenance Contact: Contact for scheduled / planned emergency works notifications.

You are able to see what each contact category is in Connect by hovering over the ? next to contact type.

Where To Manage Contacts?

Simply navigate to "Settings > Contacts" to access the contacts page within Connect.

You can see a list of existing contact emails for each contact category by site on this page. On this page you will also be able to filter for specific contact categories and export a list of email contacts into .CSV format.

To update/edit contacts on the page simply click the "Edit" button on the contact and you can update, delete or add more emails to this contact group. Simply type in the email contact in the email box and press enter and if you want to add additional contacts type in the additional email below and pressing enter. Click save once you have made your updates. We will use these contact details to contact you as specified.

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