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Creating and Managing Users in Connect
Creating and Managing Users in Connect

Adding users in Connect

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Within Clients > Users, you can see a list of all the users within each Client with access to Connect. You can see their First Name, Last Name, Associated Extension, Email, Role and whether they have been invited to Connect yet. 

The User Manager Screen

Here you can see details of the client users. Associated Extension shows the extension at which the client user can be reached. Role indicates access that particular users have to Connect and can be:

  • Admin - Can see and manage users within the client, as well as add new users. Admins can edit themselves and other Users, however they cannot edit or delete other Admins. They can also see and configure telephone and Wi-Fi services.

  • User - these users can only see details related to themselves, such as their own phone numbers and Wi-Fi (if applicable).

See the Client Knowledge Base for more detail about Client User Roles.

You can select an associated extension for a client directly from the User Manager page.

If you associate a user with a telephone extension then the following will happen:

  • Their name will populate against the phone number in telephony manager.

  • Their email address will be populated within voicemail to email.

  • Their email address will be added to the EVO Console

  • They will be able to use the Softphone App

You can also change user Role here by clicking the links under the role column and selecting the level for the user. See above for more information on user roles.

Inviting new users

To invite new users click the Add button at the top of the page. This will bring you to a form to be filled in with details of the new user.

Enter an Email Address, First Name, Last Name and decide whether you would like to send an email invitation at time of adding this user. You can also enable Wi-Fi and/or Access control right away. If you enable Access Control. Please enter a Card ID and decide whether you would like to allow the user to access your premises while doors are offline. 

Once this is done click invite at the bottom of the page, or Add another to add another user.

Click Invite to return to the Client User list. An email to be sent to the new users inviting them to Connect.

There is also the option of Importing a group of users from an excel template.  

Select Download File Template first from the Import section as shown below -

Complete the fields shown in the template, you can also choose to invite the user to Connect and Wi-Fi Secure at the time of import by stating Yes or No in the relevant columns

Once you have completed your template you save it and then back in Connect click to Import User -

There you can browse to your completed template and complete the import.

Editing existing users

Selecting a user and clicking Edit takes you to the edit screen where you can make changes to names and email address. You can also enter a telephone number, job title and title for the user. Use this page to associate a Home Site with the user as well as an Associated Extension. This is necessary for the user to use the Connect app. If the client has purchased Wi-Fi you can provision access to this user by toggling the Wi-Fi button to On.

Exporting All Client Users from Connect

To Export Users from Connect please head to Users for your first client (Not the Management Team) if you then Select All Clients from the Selection Box,

Now all your users will now show as below,

We can see that it will show the Client Name the First and Last Name the Associated Extension, User Role, Email Address they have and if they have been invited to Connect, to understand which Role give Clients access to areas in Connect please see here.

Please see below Video covering Users further,


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