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essensys Operate Products Module Overview
essensys Operate Products Module Overview

General Information about the Products Module in essensys Operate

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Whether it is co-working space, meeting rooms or food & drinks, you can manage and bill it all with Operate.

Operate’s modules work interdependently - this is the case for Products a well. When you add a product to the system, it will be made accessible for other features, such as adding charges, direct sales using the POS feature; bookings, or billing. 

Products are organized into product groups, which makes it easier for you to manage them, using the type of product you want to add or are looking for.

A few examples of commonly used products are: desks, meeting rooms, offices, time based products (such as access to a specific workspace for a certain amount of time) or other types of products such as food or drinks you might provide within your workspace. You can also include any services you might want to offer to your customers.

You can manage your products from under Space > Products. This is where you will find a list of any pre-existing products, make updates or add new items.

Operate provides five predefined Product Types. For the moment, these cannot be changed. Here is what the product types are and how you can use them:

  • Desk - When renting a desk in a coworking space.

  • Meeting Room - When renting meeting room for a limited time.

  • Office - When renting an office full time.

  • Time based products - When renting spaces or granting access to other products on an hourly, half-daily or daily basis. (e.g.: access to IT equipment)

  • Other products - Here is where you can include other products that you’re offering to your customers besides the actual workspace. (e.g.: food and drinks)

Note that the Product Types are different from Product Groups. The Product types define the fields that you might need to fill out for each type of product you’re offering; while the Product Groups allow you to organize your products as per your needs; regardless of the product type.

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