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Operate - Customizing the Licences Module
Operate - Customizing the Licences Module

Customization Options for the Licences Module in essensys Operate

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Operate Licences module manages everything related to the long term rental contracts/licences you create. This module can be customized by going to Settings > Customize > Licences. 

There are three elements of your licence setup that you can customize:

  1. The Checklist that needs to be completed before you activate a licence.

  2. The Non-Standard Terms of your licences.

  3. The Standard Terms.

Please note that the updates you make to the module will be available for new licences, created after having submitted these update. They do not apply retroactively and will not be displayed on any licences that were already created at the time of the update.

Customizing Your Licence Check List

To customize your licence check list, go to Settings > Customize > Licences > Check List.

There are four default items which you will find both when creating a new licence, and in the above mentioned section; where you can add new items; edit or delete the pre-existing ones. The default items are:

  • Licence Agreement signed

  • Direct Debit Mandate

  • Payment Received

  • Proof of Identification

To add a new checklist item click New, at the top of the list.

Enter the content of your checklist item, then click Save.    

Use the pencil icon next to the checklist item to edit it or the red “x” to delete it.

Customizing Non-Standard Terms

Non-Standard Terms are elements that you might want to add to your licences, along with the Standard Terms that are already pre-configured within Operate.

To customize Non-Standard Terms, go to Settings > Customize > Licences > Non-Standard Terms. If there are any pre-existing terms, you will find them all listed here.

To add a new Non-Standard Term, click the New button at the top. Enter the content of your terms, then Save your changes.

Customizing Standard Terms

The Standard Terms are pre-configured within Operate and may not be deleted. You may; however, change the label and help text of the field; and you can make it required or optional.

To customize your Standard Terms, go to Settings > Customize > Licences > Standard Terms.

Next, click the name of a term to view it. 

Click Edit on the right side of your screen.

Update the Field Label and Help Text according to your needs; then tick the box below to make the field required. Untick it if you want to make the term field optional.

Save your changes when you are ready.

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