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AvaIlable Search Features in essensys Operate

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Using the Global Search

The Search function searches all modules, settings, records and apps. It allows you to easily find anything within Operate, through one search function that lists everything it can find related to your keyword.

This means that when you search for a particular term, for example a name, Operate will not only find account or customer data related to that name; but also everything else that contains a reference to it. This way, you can easily navigate through settings, opportunities, tasks, reports, and more; simply by using the search box next to the Operate logo. 

Please note that Operate searches within the columns / fields listed by the All list view within every section.  To have an idea about what each section search includes, simply navigate to it in Operate, then select the All list view. The available columns will be the fields that Operate will search through. The All list view, which you will find all accross Operate, is a default list which cannot be renamed (any renaming will be overridden). However, if you want a particular field to be included in the global search, you can edit the Fields To Display section within the list view. Find out more about working with list views.

Here is how your search results could look like:

This search will return information as long as your search term is included within the record name, the name of the account associated with it or the record email address. It will not return, for example, any information about an account if your search term is a contact's name, if this name is not part of the account record name. If you search for an account name instead, you will also find the contact, as the account is part of the contact record, even if the search term is not part of its name.

In-Section Search

You can also navigate to a section and search for a specific record, using the “Filter” search box on the right. Simply type in your keyword (e.g.: the name of a customer), then hit Enter/Return to perform the search. Operate will now list the entry/ies that relate/s to your search.


The "%" is a the wildcard  which can be added before or after any search term. Its primary use is for when you only have partial information.

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