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The essensys Operate Sales Dashboard

A Visual Overview of Your Sales Activity in essensys Operate

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We are aware that the Operate Sales dashboard may not be totally representative of what you are expecting to see.

Presently the focus is on enhancing the performance of Operate, and therefore we cannot give you a timeframe or indication of when this dashboard would be completed.

However in the meantime you can get the same insights from existing reports in the leads, opportunities and tours folders on the reports page, or alternatively you can build your own custom reports and filter the results to your requirements.

Dashboard Info:

The Sales Dashboard is a screen where you can see a snapshot of your sales activity within Operate. The data is generated from a number of standard reports, and at this stage it is not yet possible to add customization. It is accessible from the main navigation menu, under Sales > Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides a visual representation of the following sales metrics:

  • Tours completed during the current month.

  • New Leads during the current month.

  • The total value of deals won during the current month.

  • The total value of deals closing during the current month.

  • Two graphs for leads and tours by month.

Clicking the total tours box will take you to the Tours section of Operate.

Clicking the total leads box will take you to the Leads module.

Clicking any of the deal related boxes will take you to the Opportunities module.

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