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Creating Contacts in essensys Operate
Creating Contacts in essensys Operate

Add New Contacts to Your essensys Operate System

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Operate stores your contacts within a dedicated module, which you can access by going to Member > Contacts.

To add a new contact, click New.

Add Basic Information

  • Select an Owner for this contact.

  • Enter the contact’s First Name.

  • Enter the contact’s Last Name.

  • Select the Account Name - This is the account to which this contact belongs.

  • Select a Contact Type - You can choose from adding a billing or primary contact or an office administrator. You can add new contact types by clicking the “+” sign next to the dropdown list.

  • Add the main Telephone number.

  • Add a Mobile/Cell Number.

  • Add the contact’s Email address.

  • Enter their Job Title.

  • Upload a Photo. To upload your picture, click Upload Image, then click Browse image to find it on your computer. You can then rotate (using the Rotate button) or crop your image by dragging the handles around your image Click Crop and Save when you are ready.

Add Contact Information

  • Enter any Important Note about this contact.

  • Add their Date of Birth - DOB.

  • Enter their Car Registration Number if it is the case.

  • Check Email Opt Out if the contact does not want to receive emails from your organization within Operate.

  • Select their Portal Access Level.

  • Enter their portal Password 

  • Enter their Pin - if you are using Pin for access to any spaces/services, etc.

Add Social Media Information

This section comes with to default fields, for the contact’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Add Portal Info

You can fill this information yourself; but the contact can populate these fields as well, when they fill out their community profile information:

  • Fill out their Community Status

  • Add Interesting Facts

  • Add some of the contact’s professional information under What do I do

  • Enter their interests under What I Care About

  • Add their Websites

  • Add relevant general Tags

  • Add tags on what the contact Likes

  • Add tags on what the contact Dislikes

  • Provide tags on their Expertise

As soon as you save the contact, Operate will automatically generate a password which they can use to access the Portal. 

Save your configuration to complete adding your contact.

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