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Creating General or Office Space Related Opportunities in essensys Operate
Creating General or Office Space Related Opportunities in essensys Operate

Adding New Opportunities to essensys Operate - General or Related to Office Spaces

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The steps below apply when you want to create a General or Office opportunity, by selecting Sales > Opportunities > New > Office.

Enter your opportunity basic information:

  • Enter the Enquiry Date.

  • Set the Owner of the opportunity - this is the person who is primarily responsible for the relationship with this opportunity.

  • Select the Opportunity Name.

  • Select the Account Name that is associated with this opportunity.

  • Add the Contact Name.

  • Select the Location.

  • Choose a Lead Source - Simply select the source from the drop down list.

  • Select the Client Type that this opportunity might generate.

  • Choose an Opportunity Type. This covers whether the customer is new, whether it is an upgrade or a downgrade for an already existing customer who wants to make changes to their current space.

  • Add Comments as needed.

Add Deal Metrics

  • Enter the Contract Term in months.

  • Add the Start Date.

  • Enter how many Workstations are required.

  • Enter the Rate Per Square Foot.

  • Select the Stage of this opportunity:

  • Checked In - The opportunity has turned into a customer and they have already checked in at your location.

  • Lost - The opportunity has been lost.

  • New Opportunity.

  • Tour Arranged - There is a tour already scheduled for the opportunity.

  • Toured - The prospect has already toured your location.

  • Under Offer - The prospect has received an offer from your organization and is awaiting feedback from the prospect.

  • Add a Close Date if you have closed a deal with this opportunity.

  • Set the Amount for which the deal has been closed. 

  • This field is limited to 15 digits - if the amount is longer, the value will not save and will revert to "0".

  • Set the Lost Reason, if the opportunity Stage is Lost.

  • Set the Date Lost.

Add Broker Details

Select your Broker from the list. The broker needs to have been added to the system already (via the Accounts module). You can click the “+” sign next to the dropdown to create the broker right away.

  • Select the Broker Status.

  • Select the Broker.

  • Choose the Broker Contact. 

  • Enter the broker’s Email address.

  • Enter a Broker Reference text if required.

Please note that the Overturn related fields are filled out automatically by the system when the opportunity is overturned. You can update them if needed.

Add System Information

This section allows you to tick the Broker Updated box, if the opportunity has been updated by the broker.

Save your opportunity when you are happy with it.

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