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essensys Platform - Space management - Configure spaces

How do I configure a space? | Office | Meeting Room | Desk | Space management | Digital twin | Pricing | Space tags | Image

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Modeled spaces at your sites (meeting rooms, offices, desks, storage, and so on) need to be edited individually to add details that are specific to that space, and the occupancies associated with that space.

The configuration information for a space includes:

  • Most of the basic details that were added on space creation.

  • A text description and picture of the individual spaces.

  • The product and therefore the pricing details for occupiers who want to lease the space.

  • Details of any amenities that are available in the space or that can be accessed by occupiers.

Note: If you are using the Dynamic Booking module, these pages also allow you to define a space as bookable.

Configure Spaces

Before you begin

  • Your switch must be modeled. For details, see Network management.

  • Your products for leasing the spaces are created. (operations)

Accessing the Space Details

  1. From the Main Navigation, select Spaces.

  2. Select your <Site> in the Site list.
    Tip: You can filter this list of sites by site name using the search field at the top of the site list.

  3. Select the floor containing the space you want to edit.
    The Spaces list opens alongside the Site list. Note: The spaces are listed in the middle column with their current occupancy status; available, unavailable, or the occupier name where the space is occupied.

  4. Select the space in the Spaces list.
    Details of the space open in the main editor. For more information, see View space details.

  5. Click Edit (top-right).
    The Edit space details wizard opens. For more information, see Edit space details.

Editing the Space configuration

Use the Edit space details wizard to configure the information about a particular space. For details, see Space Details.

Note: Your changes are not saved until you click Save and Close to close the wizard.

What next?

Now that your spaces are modeled and configured, you may need to map floor ports within the space. (network management)

Space details

View space details



Basic space details

  • Name

  • Code

  • Type

  • Capacity

Basic details of the space.

For more information, see Edit space details.

Space status:

  • Occupiable / Occupied

  • Flex Common

  • Bookable / Booked


  • Available / Unavailable

At the top-right of the window are a number of pills showing the current and potential status of the space, and its current availability.

Space status:

  • Occupiable - The space can be occupied.

  • Occupied - The space is currently occupied.

  • Flex common - The space is common and can be used by anyone at the site.

Note: If you are using the Dynamic Booking module, the space status can also be bookable / booked.


  • Available - Can be occupied; that is, both occupiable and not currently occupied.

  • Unavailable - Cannot be occupied; that is, either not occupiable or currently occupied. Note: Spaces are also unavailable if their parent space is occupied.


Click to open the Edit space details wizard.

The picture that represents this space in the system.

Note: This photo is shown when an occupier user books the space using their white-labeled essensys mobile app.

Space availability:

  • Available

    • Create a contract

    • Make a booking

  • Unavailable

  • <Occupancy list>

The current and upcoming occupancies for this space.

If this space has no current occupancies, this can be one of:

  • Available - The space is available and you can use the links provided to Create a contract or Make a booking.

  • Unavailable - The space is currently unavailable because it or its parent space is occupied. There are no occupancies in the list.

If the space has current or upcoming occupancies, this is a table of those occupancies with the following details for each:

  • Status icon (Active or Scheduled) - Hover for tool tip

  • Move in date

  • Move out date

  • <Occupier name>

  • <Contract name> - Links to the contract that the occupancy is associated with.


A longer and more detailed description of the space, up to 500 words.

Edit space details

The Edit space details wizard is used to manage the details of an individual space. This wizard contains the pages:

  • Space details - basic details and pricing details for the space.

  • Space tags - the amenities present in the space (the configured space tags).

  • Space photo - a photo of the space in question.

Space details




The name of the space.

This should match the name used to reference the space in the real world.

Space Type

The type of space that this is.

By default, the options are:

  • Co-working space

  • Desk

  • Event space

  • Kitchen

  • Meeting room

  • Office

  • Parking space

  • Store

  • Toilets

  • Utility space

  • Wing


An ID or unique code for a space.

Tip: This may reflect a reference that you use elsewhere. For example, you may have codes that your IT support team use to reference desks.


The number of people that the space has capacity for.


The total floor space in either square meters or square feet.

Which of these units is used is configured by essensys on your behalf, and is displayed as part of the field name.


A longer and more detailed description of the space, up to 500 words.


The status indicates how this space can be used:

  • Occupiable - the space can be leased by an occupier. The lease is defined by the occupier's contract, with pricing controlled by a lease product.

  • Flex common - the space is a common area that can be used by anyone at the site.

Note: If you are using the Dynamic Booking module, the space status may also be bookable.

Lease product

The lease product indicates which pricing model should be applied when an occupier enters into a contract to lease this space.

Note: The lease product's pricebook provides a recommended retail price. When an occupier leases a space, the actual price is agreed, and the agreed price is charged on the first billing date after their contract starts.

Booking product

If you are using the Dynamic Booking module, there may also be a booking product that indicates which pricing model should be used when this space is booked for an occupier.

  • Back

  • Cancel

  • Save and Close

  • Next

  • If available, click Back to return to the previous page without losing your changes.

  • Click Cancel to close the wizard and abandon your changes.

  • Click Save and Close to commit your changes and close the wizard.

  • If available, click Next to move on to the next page in the wizard without committing your changes.

Space tags

Move the space tags from the list on the left (available space tags) to the list on right to indicate that the amenity represented by the tag is:

  • Present in the space, where it is equipment such as a screen or whiteboard.

  • True of the space, where it is a detail about this space such as being soundproof or having a great view.

  • Available to users of the space, such as a bike room at the site that is available to occupiers of this space.

Example: Click Screen in the left-hand panel to move it the right-hand panel, indicating that this space contains a screen.

Tip: Space tags are managed globally, for details describing how to create them, see Configure space tags.

Space photo




Drag and drop or browse for a picture that will be used to represent your space in the system.

The files should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Supported formats: JPEG, PNG, or WebP.

  • Maximum file size: 3MB.

  • Maximum dimensions: 1920 x 1080 px.

  • Minimum dimensions: 800 x 450 px.

Note: If you are using the essensys Mobile App and the Dynamic Booking module, the space photo is presented in the app in the portrait layout, and centered to fill the available real estate on a mobile device optimally.

Image name (alt text)

Supply alt tag content that describes what is shown in the image.

Note: This is an accessibility feature. Visually impaired users using screen readers will make use of the alt tag text.

Further information

  • You need to associate spaces with lease products to define the pricing for occupancy. (operations)

  • If you are using the Dynamic Booking module, you need to associate spaces with booking products to define the pricing or ad hoc booking. (operations)

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