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essensys Platform - Space management - Create floors

How do I model each of the floors at my Site? | Floor | Digital twin | Space management

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When modeling your sites, you need to capture details of each of the floors at the site.

Context: The space management processes are a partial "digital twin", where your real-world spaces are modeled in the essensys Platform. The initial modeling involves: checking and updating the site details, modeling the floors at the site (this task), and modeling the spaces on each of the floors.

This task allows you to locate infrastructure on particular floors, or lease whole floors (or spaces on floors) to your occupiers. Floors will contain spaces like offices, meeting rooms, and so on.

Add Floors

You can use the Add / Edit Floor dialog box to:

  • Add a new floor to the site.

  • Edit the details of an existing floor.

Before you begin

Before you can describe the floors at your site, your site needs to have been modeled. The initial site modeling is done by essensys, but as a minimum you may want to check those details and update your opening times. For details, see Manage Site.

Accessing the Floor Details

  1. Select Spaces from the Main Navigation.

  2. From the Site list, select your <Site>.

  3. Depending on your task, select from the following:

    • If you want to add a new floor to this site, click Add floors beneath the site name.

    • If you want to view or edit the details associated with an existing floor, select the site, then select the floor name, and click Edit.

Note: When you select the floor in the left-hand navigation, the content that is presented in the main editor describes any spaces that have been modeled on the floor (meeting rooms, offices, and so on).


For detailed information about the values you can enter into these fields, see Floor Details.

In the Add Floor dialog box:

  1. Specify a Floor name and number.
    The floor name and number must be unique for the site, but should otherwise best reflect your site's real-world details.

  2. Optionally, specify the Capacity for this floor.

  3. Specify the Size of the floor.

  4. Optionally, use the Floor status toggles to specify how the floor can be used.

  5. Once you are happy that your floor details are correct, click Save.
    Note: The Save button is disabled if the values supplied are invalid. For example, if the floor name and number are not unique for this site.

The floor is created and opened in the view. A new floor will have no spaces associated with it.

What next?

The next likely process after creating a floor is:

  • Create another floor by repeating this process. (Most sites have multiple floors.)

  • Create spaces (offices, utilities, and so on) on your new floor. For details, see Create Spaces.

Floor Details



Floor Name

The full name of the floor as text. Example names:

  • Ground Floor

  • Lobby

  • 1st Floor

  • Basement

This name should reflect the naming at your site.


This is the floor number. Number your floors to make sense of the real-world sequence of spaces.

For example, you might want to start at 0 or 1, and increase by 1 for each floor going up the building.

The floor number can be positive or negative, and you might want to make basement or lower ground levels a negative value, if that makes sense.


The number of people that the floor has capacity for.


The total floor space in either square meters or square feet.

Which of these units is used is configured by essensys on your behalf, and is displayed as part of the field name.

Floor status

The status indicates how this floor can be used:

  • Occupiable - the floor can be leased by an occupier. The lease is defined by the occupier's contract, with pricing controlled by a lease product.

  • Flex common - the floor is a common area that can be used by anyone at the site.

Note: If you are using the Dynamic Booking module, the floor status may also be bookable.


Saving the details either updates the edited content or creates the floor.

Note: The Save button is disabled if the values supplied are invalid. For example, if the floor name and number are not unique for this site.

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