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essensys Platform - Space management - Configuration - Manage space tags
essensys Platform - Space management - Configuration - Manage space tags

How do I describe the amenities in my spaces? / How do I create space tags? | Amenities | Equipment | Configuration | Space configuration

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Space tags describe amenities, equipment, and so on. The descriptions apply across all of your sites (globally), allowing you to standardize your terminology and use consistent terms across your portfolio.

  • When you create and manage space tags, you are indicating the types of amenities that might be present at any of your sites.

  • When you then assign the tags to particular spaces, you are indicating that the space contains some equipment or has some feature. For details, see Configure spaces.

Example: If your offices and meeting rooms contain whiteboards, you need to create a space tag for a whiteboard, and then select that tag wherever a whiteboard is situated (in whichever space). Having a single tag for "whiteboard" avoids some spaces containing "white boards" and others "whiteboards".

Modeling Considerations

You should consider the types of space tags that you might need. A space tag may be used to indicate:

  • An amenity that is present in the space. For example, a piece of equipment, such as a screen or whiteboard.

  • A feature of the space. For example, some spaces may be soundproof or have a great view, or may be what you refer to as a Boardroom.

  • Something that is available to users of the space. For example, a bike room at the site might be available to occupiers of this space.
    Note: In this case, the tag does not describe the space as being a bike room, but is applied to spaces whose occupancy provides access to the bike room.

Manage space tags

An operator can:

  • Create new space tags, describing amenities or features that will be associated with one or more spaces.

  • Update existing space tags.

  • Delete existing space tags, removing them from any spaces that they were previously associated with.

Accessing the space tags Configuration page

  1. Select Spaces from the Main Navigation, and then Configuration.

  2. In the main editor, select the Space tags tab.
    The Space tags page opens.

Tip: It is possible to download a CSV file containing all of the existing space tags, using the Download button from the top-right.

Manage space tags

  1. Click Manage tags.
    The Manage tags dialog box opens.

  2. Optionally, add a new space tag:

    1. To ensure that your space tag does not already exist, type all or part of its name into the search field.
      Tip: Be careful to check for alternative names. For example, if you are adding Air Conditioning, make sure you search for AC or Air Con.

    2. If there are no results; that is, if the space tag is not already present; click Create tag.
      Your search term is added to the list of available space tags as a new tag.
      Note: The new space tag is not actually created yet, it will only be created when you click Save.

  3. Optionally, edit an existing space tag:

    1. Search for the tag that you want to edit.

    2. Click on the text in the existing space tag and edit its name directly.

  4. Optionally, click the X in an existing space tag to delete it.

  5. Repeat any of the preceding as required.

  6. Once you are happy with your changes, click Save.

What next?

In order to make use of your space tags, you need to assign them to the correct spaces at your sites. For details, see Configure spaces.

Manage Tags




Search through the existing space tags.

Tip: You should use this search to ensure that you do not create duplicate tags, for example, by giving the tag a slightly different name.

Clear search

Clear the search field and show all space tags.

Create tag

Create a tag with the name that is currently present in the Search field.

Note: The tag will not actually be added until you save your changes.

Delete tag

Click Delete to remove an existing space tag from the dialog box.

Note: The tag will not actually be removed until you save your changes.


On Save:

  • If you added one or more new space tags, the tags are made available for selection when configuring spaces.

  • If you edited the name of one or more existing space tags, the names are updated throughout the system.

  • If you deleted one or more existing space tags, all of those tags are deleted.

Info: Only delete a space tag if you are certain it is not used or should simply be removed. You may want to consider editing the tag name instead, as this will preserve any uses of the tag.

Further information

  • If you are using the Dynamic Booking module and you search for a space to book, you can filter the search to offer only those spaces associated with a particular space tag.

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