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Types of Licence Agreements to Create with essensys Operate

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The types of licences that you can create within Operate are:

  • Office Space Rentals - These are typically long-term licences, which occur when the customer wants to establish their offices within your building.

  • Meeting Room Rentals - These are short term rental licences which can involve a one time rental or a meeting package which can come with the meeting space and related services.

  • Time Based Licenses - These licenses are mostly used for situations when you rent coworking space and want to allow each customer to have access to your space for a certain amount of time per day.

  • Virtual Services - this is a type of licence that you can use for virtual clients, who do not need to rent actual space, but only need an address and a phone number and/or other similar services.

  • Other Services - Your customers might require other types of services besides physical space or a virtual address. You can create licences for any other service you provide.

Your licences might also be classified by the type of customer they have been created for:

  • Residential licences - created for customers who rent long term office space.

  • External - Used for short term customers - for example those who rent meeting rooms.

  • Virtual - For customers who require virtual services.

  • Club Member - For memberships, time based plans or coworking.

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