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Operate - Creating a Licence: Virtual
Operate - Creating a Licence: Virtual

Use essensys Operate Create a New Licence for a Virtual Client

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A Virtual client is one that does not need to rent physical space in your building, but need a virtual address and phone number. Here is how to set up a licence in Operate for such a client.

Add Your Licence

Start by following the general process of adding a new licence in Operate. While going through the steps in the linked guide, make sure to select Virtual in the Client Type dropdown.

In addition, select a licence template that corresponds to the type of customer - in this example screenshot below, we are using a virtual licence template to associate to this client.

Adding Services

For virtual customers, you do not need to add an office. You can; however, add virtual services to the licence. Please have a look at the dedicated guide on adding services to Operate licences

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