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The Revenue Flow in essensys Operate - An Overview

How Revenue is Being Managed in essensys Operate

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The Revenue Flow is managed in Operate as follows:

  • When a new customer joins your organization, you can import their opening balance in the Invoicing > Accounts Receivable Module,

  • Money is associated to locations, products, clients and client type. Money can go to different organizations if you have more than one set up within Operate. The active organization will be shown at the top of your screen, next to your profile.

  • Invoices, batch sheets and charge sheets are the main documents as a result of which money comes into your organization. Invoices are generated manually or automatically, through the Bill Run process.

  • Credit Notes are the documents upon which customer credit is based.

  • The Accounts Receivable Module, found under the Invoicing section of Operate, is where you can find records corresponding to your organization’s incoming revenue. Here is where you can add invoice payments, journal entries or deposits.

  • You can mark your financial records as booked by exporting them from Operate.

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