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Using the essensys Operate Point of Sale
Using the essensys Operate Point of Sale

Use the Tablet-Friendly Operate POS to Easily Sell Products and Services at Your Location

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What is the Point of Sale? 

The Point of Sale feature, accessible from under Charges > Point of Sale, is the fastest way to sell products or services via Operate. It is ideal for direct, face to face sales. Someone in your workspace can have the POS interface open on a mobile device (or a computer) and sell your products or services simply by walking among your customers. The simple, touch screen friendly interface allows your staff to quickly and easily find a client in the system (or add a new one), then choose the product/service and invoice it instantly. This greatly simplifies the sale process and helps boost your income by selling more.

How it works

The Point of Sale feature works hand in hand with Operate's accounts, products and locations. This means that when you choose a client, Operate knows its location and allows you to choose from the products that are available in that specific workspace.

How are clients being charged?

Once you complete a POS order, Operate will generate a charge sheet which directly bills the customer and does not need approval. When invoicing the customer account, the charge sheets will be automatically transferred to the invoice.

How to use it?

To get started using the POS, go to Charges > Point of Sale.

Tip: If you’re on a mobile device, click Expand to see the POS interface in fullscreen and hide the top navigation menu.

Selling to an existing customer

  • Tap the initial letter of the customer account name.     

  • Tap the customer’s account name.    

  • Select a contact - This is a person that you have set as a contact, on behalf of your customer. If there was no contact person added when setting up the account, then you will only see an “Unassigned” button; which means that the sale is not associated to anyone. 

  • Choose the type of product you’re selling - here is where you will see a list of current product groups that are assigned to the location of your customer. Simply tap on the one you need.       

  • Select the product to sell - At this point, you will notice that the product, along with its price, is added to the list on the right.        

  • f you would like to add another item, tap Select Product once again and go through steps 4 and 5. You can add as many items as you need and they will show up in the list on the right.    

  • Edit your products if needed - simply click the pencil icon next to the right side list entry to do so.

  • Check the date.

  • Add a reference if needed.

  • Change the quantity if necessary.

  • Change the price by tapping the number pad below - This is great when you want to provide a discount to key clients or large groups; for example..

  • Tap Apply or Cancel according to whether you want to keep your changes or not.                                                                                                                    

Check the Grand Total on the bottom right , then tap Complete Order, on the bottom left. This will complete the process and charge your customer right away. You can also generate an invoice on the spot or cancel the order as needed. Once you complete the order, Operate will take you back to the initial POS screen where you can start over and add another sale.

Invoicing a PoS Order Right Away

You can immediately generate a Pos order Invoice by clicking the Produce Invoice button.

Operate will then generate an invoice which you can approve and provide to the customer. Read more about Issuing Invoices with Operate

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