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Using Merge Fields in essensys Operate Email Messages
Using Merge Fields in essensys Operate Email Messages

Pull Information from Within the essensys System into Your Email Messages

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When creating an email template, you can insert merge fields (such as a customer account name) in your message, using the method below. For the moment, merge fields may only be used as part of an email template; they will not work when directly writing an email from scratch.

You can use Merge Fields to pull account information from within Operate. The easiest way is to create an email template that contains an account name merge field, which will retrieve the exact account information that is associated to the email address you’re messaging.

Let’s take a look at an example in which we will create an email template that contains an account name:

  1. First, go to Settings > Templates > Email Templates.

  2. Choose your desired template folder, then click New.

  3. Enter your template details. You may want to have a look at the detailed email template creation guide too.

  4. To add the account name, we’ll want to pay attention to the following three fields:

  • Select Field From - Where we will select Account.

  • Field Name - Where we will choose Account Name.

  • Merge Field - See the generated merge field placeholder - we will copy it and paste it into the body of our email.

IMPORTANT: Please copy the placeholder exactly as displayed and do not make any changes to it. Copy the brackets as well; not only the text in-between. Any changes will prevent the merge field from working.

5. Once inserting the placeholder, we’ll proceed with the rest of the template setup and save our settings.

6. When using the template, Operate will reference the account name merge field we have included and replace it with the actual account name, which is pulled from the account information associated to the email address we’re sending the message to.

Our template text displays:


The message that our client receives will display:

 Hello Demospace,

Any other merge fields that you want to use will work based on the same principles.

Troubleshooting: Blank Merge Fields when Previewing Templates 

If the field is blank when you preview a template, it is because the data field was correct but there was no data to merge and be populated within the field on the record. You might want to go to the record in question and add it in.

If the preview shows the merge field name, for example [CONTACT-FIRSTNAME], it is because the template you have selected wont work with the module you are sending from, due to the fact that the field is not relevant to the module.

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