Field updates allow you to automatically update a field value using workflow.

Open the workflow that you want to add a field update workflow action to, and click on the New button under Workflow Actions.

1. Select Field Update and click Add:

2. Now configure the field update:

  • Give the action a name (something that will easily tell a user what the action does)

  • Check the box for Time Based if required

  • Select the field that you want to update with a new value (this is not restricted to the Module that the workflow is based on). ¬†Once that is chosen, the options in which you can define will autopopulate. This could be:

  • A field with a check box - set to checked or unchecked

  • A free text field - specify some text to be added, or clear a field by leaving the value as blank

  • A picklist or a lookup field - set the value that you want to populate

  • Make the workflow action active by checking the box 'Make action active' and Save.¬†

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