Meeting Credits in essensys Operate

Use essensys Operate to Give Free Meeting Room Credits to Your Customers

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Meeting Credits are a feature that allows you to give your customers a bonus, any time you’d like to. These credits can be used by your customer to rent meeting space for the amount of time you choose; at a specific discount that you can set up.

To add Meeting Credits to an account, first find it in the system using the global search box next to the Operate logo or by going to Member > Accounts; where you can find it in the list and select it. Do not edit the record, simply click to select it.

On the account details page, find the Meeting Room Credits section and click to expand it. Click New to start adding new meeting credit for the selected account.

Next, enter your meeting credit information. 

Please fill out all of the fields below, otherwise your credits may not apply. For instance, if you leave the number of hours or discount empty, Operate will detect this as "0", so the customer will still pay full price.

  • Check the Account Name - This will be set by default to the account you have previously selected.

  • Select the Product Group for which you would like to add the meeting credits.

  • Add the Number of Hours for which the credit will apply. If no number of hours is specified, then bookings will not be discounted.

  • Select the Discount - This value depends on the Type of Discount below - which can determine whether your discount will be, for example. 50 pounds or 50 percent.

  • Select the Period within which the credits are valid. Please set a period that exceeds one calendar month for your credit to apply. For example, if you want to provide the credit for one month, start your period on the first of the month you want to apply it for, then end it with the first of the next month.

  • Click Save.

Meeting Credit Allocation Explained

Meeting Credits are available each month within the set period.  This occurs regardless of your discount type. 

The discount type (whether a percentage of the charge or a set amount) will be applied per hour, to the number of hours you set. So, the customer's bookings will be discounted by a % or an amount of the hourly price, for the number of configured hours, each month of the set period. 

Once the discount has been applied for the set number of hours, the customer will be charged full price. 

The discount may be applied on one booking or across multiple bookings and units included within your selected product group.

The allocation is refreshed each month and doesn't carry over.

If you provide Meeting Credit to an Account, you cannot provide them with a Meeting Package as well. 

Once you save your changes, the meeting credit record will be displayed under the corresponding section on the account you selected.

Updating Meeting Credits

You can edit the record using the pencil icon next to it; or delete it using the Delete button at the top.

To quickly update a field on one or more records, check the box corresponding to your desired meeting credit records, then use the Update button at the top of the section to update the field.

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