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essensys Credits vs. Meeting Credits vs. Meeting Packages
essensys Credits vs. Meeting Credits vs. Meeting Packages

There are different discounting options available to apply to your members within Operate

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This article explains the major differences between the following features:

  • essensys Credits: This feature allows you to charge customers in credits instead of cash. Customers purchase a credit pack or they are allocated credits as part of a licence agreement and they can use those credits to make bookings or purchase products or services from your organization. Find out more by reading Using essensys Credits in Operate.

  • Meeting Packages: This feature allows you to allocate free meeting room bookings to a customer, for a certain amount of hours. It is similar to meeting credits, but comes with more detailed room and location selection and also allows you to make the package part of a licence agreement. Read more about Creating and Using Meeting Packages,

  • Meeting Credits: This is a simple way for you to provide a particular client with a discount to meeting rooms and associated products and services. Please read Meeting Credits in essensys Operate for details.

  • Standard Discounts: Standard discounts are applied at Account level and are unique to that specific customer. They can be applied to any product that is set up in Operate and are not specifically used for meeting rooms or desks. Please read here for more information.

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