You can add discounts to an account by first finding it into the system using the global search box next to the Operate logo or by going to Member > Accounts; where you can find it in the list and select it. Do not edit the record, simply click to select it.

Scroll down to Standard Discounts and click New.

Enter your discount information:

  • Check the Account Name - this will be set by default to the account that you have previously selected.
  • Set the Product for which you want to apply the discount.
  • Add the percent value of the Discount, then set the discount type to “%”. At the moment this is the only available option.
  • Set the Period within which the discount is valid.
  • Save your changes.

Your record will now be displayed in the corresponding section of the account.

You can edit the record using the pencil icon next to it; or delete it using the Delete button at the top.

To quickly update a field on one or more records, check the box corresponding to your desired meeting credit records, then use the Update button at the top of the section to update the field.

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