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Add Account Codes to Allow essensys Operate to Import Client Charges from Third Party Applications

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If clients are to be billed for telephony, printing or other charges; and the software that you are using to track their charges - such as a call logger - is compatible with Operate, you can import these charges through the Device Import Feature.

In order for Operate to match the records from your import to an account record, the account record needs to contain a unique code that you need to add to the import file.

To match charges correctly from within each external application that you are importing from, you will need to add an account code for each application.

To add an account code to your Operate Account Record, first find it into the system using the global search box next to the Operate logo or by going to Member > Accounts; where you can find it in the list and select it. Do not edit the record, simply click to select it.

Next, scroll down to the Account Codes section; click to expand it and click New.

Check the account for which you are adding the code to - the value will be set to the account that you have previously selected.

Add your account code - This can be composed of letters and digits.

Select the external application that you will be using the account code for.

Save your changes and your code will now be listed in the corresponding account section.

You can edit the record using the pencil icon next to it; or delete it using the Delete button at the top.

To quickly update a field on one or more records, check the box corresponding to your desired meeting credit records, then use the Update button at the top of the section to update the field.

Another option is to add the code to the Device Import Map that corresponds to the device/software that you are using. You do not need to do both - either adding the code to the Account or the Device Import Map is enough.

Please note that special characters are not supported within Account Codes.

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