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Using the Accounts Receivable Journal in essensys Operate
Using the Accounts Receivable Journal in essensys Operate

Add Journal Entries to the Accounts Receivable Module in essensys Operate

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Within the accounts receivable module in Operate you can use journals to adjust and correct your customers balance.

Credit Journals will reduce a customer's balance while Debit Journals will increase the balance. Both should only be used in exceptional circumstances, such as to write off a very small balance.
Instead, Credit Notes and Payments should be used for the normal processing of Invoices.

To access the feature, go to Invoicing > Accounts Receivable,select your customer and click the Journal Button on the right.

You will now be presented with the Journal screen, where you can create your journal records.

  1. Add the Date of the transaction.

  2. Add a Reference which will serve as a description for your transaction.

  3. Select the Journal Type - either credit (if you need to decrease the customer’s balance) or debit (if the customer has accumulated more debt and you need to increase the balance.

  4. Select a GL Code.

  5. Add the Amount which you want to credit/debit ono the customer;s account balance. You will see this amount listed as unallocated, right below.

  6. Allocate the amount to one of the customer’s invoices - simply enter the amount in the corresponding box to do so. Use the Allocate button to pay the invoice in full. You can allocate the entire amount you have entered above to one invoice or split it into smaller amounts and allocated to multiple invoices.

  7. Click OK when you are ready to save your journal record.

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