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Operate - Licences Overview
Operate - Licences Overview

General Information about the Licences Module in essensys Operate

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What are Licences?

Operate Licences represent the contract agreements that you sign with your customers. They allow you to keep track of all of the terms agreed upon, as well as the products and services that each customer chooses to purchase from your organization.

What Are Licences For?

You can create a Licence every time when you agree on a deal with one of your customers. You can use Licences to create contracts for long term rentals, coworking space, services or meeting space rentals. See Licence Types for more.

Licences also allow you to manage any changes that may occur in your relationship with the customer - such as a notice, renewal, office move, extension or termination.

The Licence Lifecycle

According to the stage of your relationship with your new customer, Operate Licences have a lifecycle they go through; which is determined by several statuses.

  • Draft - The licence is a draft - this means that it may still have changes applied.

  • Issued - The licence setup is complete and is awaiting activation.

  • Activated - The licence is active. This is the typical status of a currently ongoing licence.

  • Expiring - This status applies for licences that have been fully billed for and there’s no remaining charge to determine a roll over.

  • Expired - The licence has expired. This type of status occurs for licences for which the term has elapsed and there has been no active roll over, extension, renewal or transfer.

  • Notice Given - This status applies to licences for which the customer has given a termination notice.

  • Renewing - When you go to the Licence Renewal page on an Operate Licence, but do not complete the process, the licence status will be Renewing until completion.

  • Renewed - When the renewal process is completed, the licence status changes to Renewed. A new, active licence is created when this takes place.

  • Transferring - Similarly to the Renewing status, Transferring is added to a licence for which transfer information has been saved into Operate, but the process has not been completed.

  • Transferred - This status is used for licences on which the transfer process has been completed.

  • Terminated - The licence has been terminated.

All of these statuses are automatically set by Operate and cannot be changed manually.

Managing Your Licenses

Your licence management features are available under Member > Licences. In addition you can customize the module from under Settings > General > Customize > Licences and add templates from under Settings > General > Templates > Licences.

Licences and Other Modules

Licences are strongly related to some of the other essential modules of the system:

  • Accounts - You will need a customer account to be able to start creating your licence.

  • Contacts - It is recommended to add a main contact which you can get in touch with when licence related aspects need to be handled.

  • Sales - You might often want to create a licence from an opportunity. You will also need to select an opportunity type and lead source when creating the licence.

  • Billing - The licence determines how your customer is billed.

  • Products - The object of the licence will be a product or a service.

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