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essensys Operate Tasks Overview

Managing Tasks within essensys Operate

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Besides features that help manage your space, Operate also comes with a series of team management tools; such as tasks. You can create tasks and assign them to specific team members; then easily keep track of them within Operate. This is a great way to keep track of things to or things you’ve already done and want to reference within the system.

You might want to add tasks for situations when you need to call a prospect, arrange catering for a meeting room booking or notify customers about their bookings, tours or due dates; create to-do lists for your team; etc.

Start by going to the Tasks tab, in the main navigation menu. Here is where you will find any pre-existing task; as well as create new ones. Click New to get started.

On the next screen, enter your task information;  

  • Select the Owner of the task - This is the person who is responsible for its completion.

  • Add a Subject - This should be a concise description of the task. For instance: Call ABC Company CEO before meeting.

  • Select a Start and End Date.

  • Choose the task Type:                                                                                                 Task - anything that needs to be done and does not fit into the other provided categories.
    Call - When the task involves calling someone.
    Email - When the owner has to send an email message.
    Meeting - When the owner has to meet with someone.
    SMS - When an SMS message needs to be sent.

  • Select a Status:

  • Add a Comment - This is where you might want to add a more detailed description of the task; that could help the responsible person know what they have to do.

  • Choose a Priority: High, Medium or Low.

  • Select the customer Account to which the task relates.

  • Add a Reminder - You can notify the owner about the completion of this task 5min to 24h prior to the end date. Check the checkbox, then select the time. When it’s time for the owner to be notified, they will see a Reminder notification on the bottom right of their Operate screen. They can snooze or dismiss the reminder. 

  • If the user selects "Snooze", then the notification will be hidden for 5 minutes before it re-appears.

  • Check the checkbox if you would like to send the task to Outlook. This will send an iCal event to your Outlook calendar. Note that any changes to the task in Operate will not be updated in your Outlook booking.

  • Use the quick access options on the right to: complete the task, complete and add a new one or complete the task and book a tour.

  • Save your task when you are ready.

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