Choosing the right account

To add your test user, first choose the right account. You can use your existing test account or create a new one. Keep in mind: depending on client type, location and other factors, the portal parameters might be different for users. For example: some client types are set up with credits and will see the credits tab in Operate, others won't.

Set Up your User

Add the user

On the account under "Contacts", add your test contact. Make sure you add a first name, last name and a valid email address which isn't associated to any other contact in Operate yet.

Portal invite

Under "Portal Info", make sure you set the portal access level to "Admin". For more information on user access levels, see here. Go back to the account page and under users click on the new user's email address. In the email editor, click templates in the top left corner and choose your portal invite template. After sending the portal invite, you'll be able to set up your user via the link provided in the email.

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