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Unreadable Leads in Operate
Unreadable Leads in Operate

Why Unreadable Leads occur in Operate and how to turn them into valid leads

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What is an Unreadable Lead?

An unreadable lead is an enquiry or email that has been sent to your LeadDADI email address and which has not been processed as a Lead.

The following is a list of possible reasons why it may not have been processed as a lead in Operate:

  • The XML attachment from the broker is missing

  • The attachment may have been formatted incorrectly 

  • The attachment does not include the LeadDADI ID 

  • The attachment file may not have been titled leadDADI.XML

This issue can be corrected by following the instructions in the LeadDADI setup. Alternatively, you have the option to validate the unreadable lead.

Validating an Unreadable Lead

  • Go to Sales > Unreadable Leads 

  • Click on the Subject name to access the details page.

When you press Create Lead, the unreadable lead will be converted to a lead and You will now be presented with a screen that displays the original email that has been sent to your LeadDADI email address and that also allows you to fill out the provided information into a valid lead entry. The original email is not editable.

Please note that should you press cancel at this stage, the record will still become a valid lead.

You can then manage the lead via the usual sales process in Operate

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