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Setting Up a Billed Up To Date in Operate
Setting Up a Billed Up To Date in Operate

Configure the Date up to which to Bill Clients when first Using essensys Operate

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To set up a Billed Up To Date for your billing, go to Settings > System > Billed Up To. Use this to set the date that items have been billed up to and including. This will ensure that your billing runs smoothly and picks up where you left off when starting to use Operate. Any transaction occurring after your Billed Up To date will be billed, any transaction prior to it will be disregarded.

You can set a date for rent, virtual customers and services. Tick the box next to the date that you want the system to consider, set your dates, and make to select Update Dates to change your settings. 

The Billed Up To option should only be used once when you first start using Operate.

Please note that your Billed Up To date will only work on Licence items and not ad hoc services. 

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