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Troubleshooting Smart Access in Connect
Troubleshooting Smart Access in Connect

How do I diagnose and escalate issues with Smart Access? | Troubleshooting | Door locking | Door not unlocking

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This article describes how you can troubleshoot Smart Access at your site if your doors are not unlocking as expected.

To understand how Smart Access works currently within Connect, see Using essensys Smart Access in Connect.

How do I diagnose Smart Access issues?

The following describes the process that you need to follow to troubleshoot Card Reader issues at your site.

Doors can't be unlocked on site.

Are Multiple doors affected?

If one or more Doors cannot be unlocked using Connect, the Smart Access App, or the Fob/Card, this might be because the Doors are offline in Access Control and cannot be seen in Connect. For details of Doors, see here.

Note: If multiple customers and Doors are affected, are not online, and can't be remotely unlocked using Connect the connection might need to be checked or rebooted, contact us using the Connect Chat function or by raising a Case.

Is the configuration for the Doors, Groups, and Users correct?

If the Doors can be remotely unlocked using Connect, ensure that the right users (with the right cards) are assigned to the right groups, and the right groups to the right doors. This can be done by checking the Users/Card Permission and Door and Group Configuration in Connect:

  • You can check the User/Card Permission. For details, see here.

  • You can then check the Group access that the User/Card has been provided. For details, see here.

Note: This configuration is very flexible, assigning each User/Card to one or more Groups, enabling access to one or more doors for each group, or simply configuring the door to permanently open.

If your configuration is correct, but the issue is still ongoing, contact us using the Connect Chat function or by raising a Case.

If the doors are connected to the network, but cannot be remotely unlocked by power cycling the switch port, you could perform a power cycle to reset the controller. You might want to discuss this with your Hardware Contractor to ensure this is the best process. For details, see here.

Note: Your Hardware on-site isn't maintained by essensys, if issues with Doors can't be resolved by essensys, contact your Smart Access contractor and arrange an on-site visit to check the hardware installed.

Contacting Us

If you need to escalate the issue, you should begin by contacting us. This can be done by:

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