To enable meeting room bookings on your portal, please go through the following setup steps (the links will take you to a dedicated guide that will help you go through each of the steps): 

  1. Create Your Meeting Rooms and Desks - In order to have available meeting rooms / desks within the system, you first need to set them up under Operate's Product module.

  2. Make Your Meeting Rooms and Desks Available for Online Bookings - This guide shows you the steps to take in order to make specific meeting rooms / desks available for Portal bookings. 

  3. Set Up Your Payments - In order for your Portal to fully accommodate your booking process, you need to ensure that customers can pay for their bookings directly. Operate allows you to use some of the most popular payment processors - please see the list in our guide on supported payment gateways

If after following these steps, your meeting rooms are not showing - check this link for some common troubleshooting steps to resolve this.

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