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Managing Users on Your Member Portal
Managing Users on Your Member Portal

Manage Users, Profiles and Permissions directly from the Member Portal

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Besides the possibility of inviting users from within Operate, you can also send invites and manage user profile from within the Portal interface. 

To do so, select your name on the main menu bar and choose Manage Users. 

Here is where you will find a list of current portal users, which you can use to invite, view, edit or delete users.

Inviting Users

Users who have been invited using the Portal will be marked in Operate, on their Contact profile, as having been invited from the Portal.

Editing Users

To edit a user, simply click the Edit link next to the user. 

Edit the User Profile information, then click Change

Deleting Users

To delete a user, simply click Delete next to it and confirm your decision in the window that comes up. 

When a user is deleted from within the Portal, the associated Operate Contact record is also removed.

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