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Meeting Room Booking Rates in essensys Operate

How Meeting room bookings interact with meeting room rates in essensys Operate

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When making meeting room bookings in the calendar, your clients can take advantage of special half/full day rates you may put in place.

Firstly, make sure you've got some set. You can do this by navigating to Space > Products. Select the meeting room product you want to set a rate for and edit it.

Scroll down slightly to find the Rates section. Here is an example of it, to show how you might want to use this section:

The hourly rate can be made to be different for internal and external clients, this is totally at your discretion, and can be used as a base to set your half and full day rates as shown.

Click the Advanced Rates button to show what time period will trigger the half and full day rates, as shown in our example:

The 'Mins' field is how much time that booking will block out on your calendar, so in this case, 1 hour.

The 'Lowest' and 'Highest' fields allow you to set the time range in which that particular rate will be triggered. The only exception to this is that there will always be at least 1 hourly rate applied, regardless of your entry. It will always round up.

For example, the above case is very basic and will mean that a meeting will block out a minimum of 1 hour, and charge for an hour. 

If a client wants to book 30 minutes, you can block and charge for 1h. To achieve this, you will need to set your Hourly rate to apply to 60 min. The Lowest amount of time booked from which you will block and charge for one hour, should be 30 minutes. The Highest amount needs to be 60 minutes as well, since anything over that will charge for 2h. If you set both the Highest and Lowest amounts to 60 minutes, the Calendar will charge and book for 30 minutes. 

If the room is booked for less than the time you set as Lowest, then Operate will divide the total cost of an hour by the time booked, and charge the corresponding amount. For example, if your lowest amount is 30 minutes and the room is booked for 15 minutes, then Operate will only charge for 15 minutes. If you need to charge for a full hour in this case, then you need to set the Lowest time amount to 15 minutes or as low as your bookings may go. 

If they book for 4 hours then the half-day rate will be applied and 4 hours of time will be blocked out. 

In the event that rates are combined, the system will try to find the most efficient rate. For example, a 5 hour booking using the above rates will charge a half day rate plus 1 hourly rate, to total 5 hours, as opposed to applying the hourly rate 5 times.

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