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Transition Services - Exit Management US
Transition Services - Exit Management US

This article describes our Exit Management services.

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In the (unlikely!) event that a customer leaves essensys, some work is often needed in helping to transition these key services to a new provider.  We are always happy to help, but this work does require effort and engineering time from our team, which is a billable cost.

At least 60 days' notice is required to request transition of services, as a Sales Order (SO) will need to be executed and an invoice raised and paid prior to the end of the customer term, in order for the work to be scheduled.

The work involves removing essensys configuration from the switches as it contains our proprietary IP.  Once removed – the site will be hard down. Your new provider needs to be coordinated and ready to apply new configuration and settings to suit the circuits and requirements to bring services back to the tenants and members

A few things that you should note:

  1. The current circuit providing service to the sites are Layer 2 P2P circuits – not DIA.  These circuits will be ended on termination of our contract.

  2. There is no firewall on site – the new provider will need to provide a firewall to terminate the new circuits.  They cannot “plug” any newly provided circuits directly into the switch stack.

  3. The Wi-Fi access points are controlled by our cloud controller.  The new provider will need to reset the access points and provide a new controller and license in order to manage the WAPs. 

  4. The new provider should look at the current IP allocations for each client and try and keep these the same – these can be obtained from inside Platform (Service Guide or Network Info)

  5. Any clients with Public IP addresses will have to be issued with new IP addresses by the new provider.  Again – you can discover these directly from Platform.

  6. Exports can be taken from Platform to show all allocations of switch ports to clients (raise case for export)

  7. Exports can be taken from Platform to gain all DIDs allocated to the site and currently in use (raise case for export)

The Special Terms on a Service Order will note: "These Transition Services are provided in response to request from Customer.  Whilst assistance will be provided, responsibility for the smooth transition of services, and ensuring the continuity of Services to occupiers is the responsibility of the Customer.  Any instructions received from Customer and fulfilled by essensys that results in interruption to the Services will not be a Service Failure"

Work Required



PROJECT MANAGEMENT.  Any remote Project Manager work - including at any time: liaison, arrangement, deconfliction, communication, provision of ad-hoc information, assistance with data export or co-ordination effort. This fixed fee is chargeable in order to co-ordinate/manage/supply any of the other works that may be required for transition of services.


Per site

On-site 1/2-day access to provide console cable access to switches.



Per Site (business Hrs)

Per site (other Hrs)

Provision of Hardware Inventory 


Per site

Provision of Circuit and Carrier information


Per site

Any data exports


Per Export

Licence removal or unclaimed Wireless Access Point from essensys controllers (Ruckus or Meraki)



Remote switch configuration removal and restoration of default password – it is mandatory that essensys configuration and proprietary IP is removed from all switches at a site.


Per switch

Should you not wish to pay the fee for out-of-hours work, we will manage this work and complete during business hours on the last day of your contract. It will mean the site will be hard down. during business hours, so your new IT team will need to stand by to reset all hardware back to factory settings to configure.

Lastly - here is an article on how to raise a case for port out of any DIDs once you complete step 7 and see if there are any active numbers you wish to port.

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