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essensys Platform - Operations - Reports - Service status

How do I view the real-time network status across multiple sites? | How do I view the primary and backup circuit health at each site? |

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The Service status report describes the real-time network status across your managed sites. The details include:

  • The overall network status across your sites.

  • The current status of the network at each site.

  • The current status of the primary and back-up circuits at each site.

Important: If there are any outages on your network circuits, essensys will reach out to you through the key contact at the site. A support case will be raised automatically, and you will receive an email notification.

View service status report

Access the report

All site reports are located in the Operations section of the essensys Platform. To open the correct section:

  1. In the main menu, click Operations.
    The Operations page opens. By default, Reports is selected from the overhead menu.

  2. Under Network reports, click Service status.

The Service status report opens. The report shows the current network status for all of the sites at which you have site access.

Note: This page does not automatically refresh.

Understanding the report

All sites status

The "All sites status" represents the network statuses across your managed sites.



Last updated

Hover over the clock icon (right), to see when the data in this report was last updated.

Tip: You need to refresh the page manually to update both the network status data and the last updated value.

All sites status:

  • Operational

  • Offline

  • Degraded

Represents the network statuses across your managed sites:

  • Operational - Indicates that there are currently no network outages reported at any of the sites that are included in the report.

  • Offline - One or more sites are offline (they have the status "site down").

  • Degraded - One or more sites are degraded, but none are offline.

For information about the states for individual sites, see Site network.

Site selector

For this report type, the site selector shows all of the sites included in the report.

These are your "managed" sites; that is, the sites that you have site access to.

You cannot change the site selection.

Site network

Each row in the main editor represents the status of the network at a single site. The network at each site typically comprises two circuits, a PRIMARY circuit and a BACKUP circuit.



Site name

The name of the site represented by this row in the table.

Site status:

  • Operational

  • Degraded

  • Site down

Represents the network status at one of your managed sites. The status may be:

  • Operational - Neither of the circuits at this site reports an outage.

  • Degraded - There are outages on the network, but the site is still operational.

  • Site down - There are outages on the network that mean the site is currently offline.


  • A site has a degraded network when either:

    • There is an outage on the primary internet circuit, but auto-failover has caused the backup circuit to be used instead.

    • There is an outage on the backup circuit, but not on the primary circuit. (This situation is known as "reduced resiliency".)

  • A site is offline ("site down") when either:

    • Both the primary and backup circuits at the site are offline.

    • There is an outage on the primary circuit and there is no backup circuit.


  • Status indicator

  • Circuit speed

  • Status change

Details of the primary circuit at this site.

The status indicator tells you the state of this circuit at a glance. This can be one of:

  • No issues - The health of this circuit is currently fine.

  • Outage - This circuit is reporting an outage. Important: A case is automatically raised with essensys in response to a change into this state.

The circuit speed for this circuit.

The status change field indicates the date and time when this status last changed.

Tip: Hover your cursor over the status change value to view its timezone, and the UTC offset for that timezone.


  • Status indicator

  • Circuit speed

  • Status change

Details of the backup circuit at this site.

Fields are as per the primary circuit.

Further information

  • When a circuit reports an outage, you are notified and a support case is raised automatically. You will receive an email indicating that the case has been raised, and you can view and monitor the case in the essensys Platform. See Support cases.

  • You can see the same network information for a single site on your dashboard. See Dashboard.

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