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Importing Charges from Platform to Operate

Using Platform Charge Imports to import charges from Platform into essensys Operate

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If you are using essensys Platform for bookings, you can import these charges and bill them through Operate.

Operate can import the exported charges CSV from Platform and create a batch sheet in the system, which you can then go through, approve and bill during the Bill Run process.

Before you begin

It is very important that the Product Names from Platform are created as Products in Operate and that the billing reference in Platform is the Account ID in Operate.

How to import charges?

Here is how to import booking charges from Platform to Operate:

  • Go to Charges > Platform Charge Imports

  • Click New, then select your location

  • Note - Each import is based on the specific location where the charges have incurred. Please make sure that you choose the correct location, from where the charge's file you’re importing is coming from. If the wrong location is selected, your charges will not be matched to an account ID because that account cannot be found in the system, at the location you’ve selected.

  • Choose a Batch Date - this will be the date of the charge sheet entry.

  • Each charge will have its own date from the import file.

  • Choose the Platform export file that you want to import - Browse your computer and upload it into Operate.

  • Click Import

  • When your file has been imported you will see a list of the contents. Any entries that do not match an existing account ID or Product will be highlighted in red. If this occurs you will need to add the information to the import file and begin the import again.

  • Once your import goes through, you will find it as a batch sheet under Charges > Batch Sheets

To continue to Invoicing your charges from batch sheets please continue to the below article

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