Especially when your team or incoming lead volume is large, there is a chance that you may add the same lead to the system multiple times. Duplicate leads not only slow down your activity, but they can cause inaccurate records or numbers. This is why Operate comes with the Suspected Duplicates feature, which you can use for any lead.

But first things first: To prevent the creation of duplicate leads, please first search the system for information related to any lead you want to add. You can use any search term: from a company name to a contact or any other term that may relate to your lead. Only add the lead when you are sure that there is no duplicate record.

Using the duplicate feature

To check whether an existing lead has duplicates within the system, go to Sales > Leads and select your desired lead from the list - by clicking the company name.

On the Lead Details Page, click Suspected Duplicates. Operate will take you to the corresponding section of the page, where you can click Check for Duplicates to see if there are any. If Operate finds any duplicate lead, it will be listed here.

What records are checked

The records that are checked are:

  • All leads
  • All Accounts
  • All Opportunities in the last 12 months

How duplicates are detected

A lead is classed as a suspected duplicate if it fits any of the rules below:

  • 1st 10 characters of the company name are an exact match
  • 1st 5 characters of the company name and 1st 3 characters of the Contact Name are an exact match
  • Postcode is an exact match
  • No company name but 1st 14 characters of Contact Name are an exact match
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