Resetting an Invoice in Operate

This feature reverts approved Operate invoices to draft

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If there are situations when you may need to make changes to an invoice that has already been approved, you can reset it to do so. In this article we will look at how to reset and discuss some aspects that you will need to be aware of.

An alternative to resetting is to issue a credit note against this invoice and re-issue a corrected one. You can do this to correct both accountancy issues and billing errors. Read more about crediting invoices.

Go to Invoicing > Invoices, select the invoice you need to reset, then click the Reset Invoice button at the top of the list. 

Operate will then ask you to confirm the reset and provide you with information on some aspects you need to consider when resetting.

Resetting your invoices

  • Can lead to gaps in your invoice numbers.

  • Will prevent you from providing a credit note against the reset invoice in the future.

  • Can lead to discrepancies in your accountancy software. 

Click OK if you are sure that you want to reset.

You will now find your invoice under Invoicing > Draft Invoices. This is where you can edit and reapprove it as needed. 

Read more on working with Draft invoices.

Please note:

If there is no Reset Invoice button on your Invoices screen, this means that your user does not have this permission enabled. If you are an admin or have access to Operate Settings, please go to Settings > General > General / Getting Started > Users, then edit your user by clicking the pencil icon next to it. Here is where you can enable two related permissions: 

  • Can reset invoices: Allows you to reset all invoices except the ones booked (exported to an accounting system).

  • Can reset booked invoices: Please be aware that enabling this option can cause accounting discrepancies since the invoices you're able to reset may have already been exported and recorded within your organization's accounting system. 

If you do not have access to these settings, please ask an Admin to either grant you permission or process the reset. More information about editing a user profile, can be found in the article on Managing Operate User Profiles.

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