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Operate Sales Configuration Videos
Operate Sales Configuration Videos

Video content explaining how to configure Operate to manage your sales enquiries.

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Operate comes with a complete Sales module that you can use to manage your workspace sales: from leads right through to cash. 

The strictly sales related features of Operate are found in the Sales section of the main navigation menu.

However, this module is interconnected with other Operate modules that allow you to continue managing the relationships that you have started via Leads and Opportunities. 

Your sales process continues with tools such as Accounts and Contacts; as well as with the Booking Calendar or Licences. 

There are a number of ways that Leads can come into Operate, in the following videos we will cover -

  • How to configure Operate to receive leads from your website 

  • How to configure an automated response to your website enquiries

  • How to automatically assign leads

  • How to set up leadDADI for broker enquiries

  • How to configure 2 way email so that prospect emails are stored in Operate

Setting up Web to Lead

Web to Lead Auto responses

Lead Auto Assignments

Receiving Broker Enquiries

You can see the list of brokers using leadDADI already here 

Configuring 2 Way Email

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