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Unable to Raise a Booking Cancellation Invoice within Operate
Unable to Raise a Booking Cancellation Invoice within Operate
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Please check whether the cancelation fulfills te criteria set on your Cancellation Policies. To ensure your Policies apply correctly, please set up the following: 

  • Select the Correct Product Group - The Product Group you select on the Cancellation Policy needs to be the one within which you have included the space being booked. If your policy is not being applied, go to Space > Products, find the space for which the policy has not been applied and check whether it belongs to the Product Group selected within your policy.

  • Choose the Correct Client Type - The customer who has cancelled the booking needs to be assigned the client type you have selected in the policy.

  • Assign the Client Type to the Booking Location - The Client Type you select when creating the policy will need to be assigned to the Location that includes the spaces being booked. Read more on assigning client types to locations.

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