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Operate - Issuing Licences
Operate - Issuing Licences

This guide shows you how to send a Licence to your customer

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Issuing a Licence involves getting it ready and then send it to your customer, either by printing or emailing it. 

Before issuing, your Licence needs to have been created first. For further information, please see Creating a Licence

To issue a Licence: 

  • Go to Member > Licences

  • Find the Licence you need to issue and edit it using the green pencil icon.  

  • Once your Licence opens, please check the information within it, then click Preview Licence

  • This is where you can view the Licence Agreement document, change its template and send it to your customer. To issue your Licence, please either click Print or Email.  When emailing, your Licence documents will be automatically included as an attachment. Here is where you can also digitally sign your Licence, using eSign

  • Complete a Print or send the Licence email to your customer, then the Licence Status will become Issued.  

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