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A guide on how to answer calls and updating clients records within EVO Console

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With this guide we will take you through how to manage calls and update clients records to show call greetings update numbers and add non Connect Clients and to understand how Connect and EVO Console sync with each other please see our EVO Console Overview here.

Accessing the Console to Answer and Transferring Calls

Once you have logged into the EVO Console you are taken to the Home Page screen to start answering and diverting calls we will need to access the Console section of EVO, to do this if we head to the top right we can then click on Console.

Screen of Console

Now we need to select the extension number you are going to be using EVO with, you also have an option here Choose this will save your choice for later use, once you have selected the extension click on Console.

Now we have entered the Console we can start handling calls.

Answering and Transferring Calls.

Now we have entered the Console section of EVO here we can see if any calls are waiting to be picked up

When an active call comes your handset would start ringing before answering, we can see the number that is calling you the clients name and the greeting required, to answer the call you can pickup the receiver of your handset or click on the Green Tick.

Once the call has been answered it would show you are connected to the call by changing to the colour, once the call has been answered the clients contact details will then 'Pop' onto Evo.

Transferring Calls

Now you can select the contact you wish to call we can complete two transfers to the client the first being a Warm Transfer (announced transfer) and the other a Cold Transfer (unannounced transfer).

Warm Transfer

To complete a Warm Transfer, select the contact's number or extension (blue hyperlinked number) and wait for the contact to answer. This will put the original caller on hold while you speak to your contact.

If the contact wishes to take the call, you should click Connect and the caller will then be connected to the contact.

If the contact does not answer or does not wish to take the call, use the Stop Trns. button to hang up the call to your contact and return to the call with the original caller.

Once you have taken a message from the caller, you can use the Hangup option to end the call completely.

Cold Transfer

To complete a cold transfer if you select the Contact you wish to transfer to and then press the Green arrow,

This will send the call directly to the extension number, external number or voicemail number without you announcing the call.

Note, if you wish to call a Contact for a Visitor or Package deliveries you can just lookup the contact using the search boxes and click on the extension or external number and this will start the call as the above.

Removing a call which has been transferred

Once you have completed a call transfer and the call is still showing within the Console, you can remove this call by clicking on the Active call using the following command, CTRL and SHIFT and then Right-Click on the call, the following box will then show allowing you to remove the call from the console,

Once Okay has been clicked on the call will then be removed.

Creating or Updating Client Records in EVO Console

We will now guide you through updating Clients, Contacts, Greeting Messages or Notes

Creating/Updating Clients

To update a Client we need to head back into the main section of EVO then we head into Organization and then Clients

Now within the Client section we can create a new Client this will be for Contacts that will not be located within Connect for example Contractor information.

We can also update existing clients if we click on Edit here we can update/add a Greeting to this Client update their name and other fields you may want to complete, you can also click on Address, Information to include any information you may require here.

Creating/Updating Contacts

To update a Contact we need head back into the main section of EVO then we need to head to Organization and then Contacts

Once in this section you can create a New Contact this will create a Contact within EVO Console only, this could be for example a Contractor Contact you wish to add that wouldn't exist within Connect.

To update an existing Contact you can use the search bar or find the contact you are looking for and then click Edit

This will now take us into the General section of the Contact where you can update the Client, First Name, Last Name, Title and other sections we you may want to use, if we then head to the Phones section we can look at updating the Contacts number.

Now we are here we can either update the existing details or if you would like to add a number we can press the Green Plus Symbol this will add a new box you will need to enter a name so if this is an Extension you would add DDI for example or you could add Extension if you wanted to name this differently this would also be the same for Mobile or an External Number.

If we head into the Email section we can either update an existing email or click on Add New if you now enter the email address in the Address section and you can leave the Name section blank.

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