Update those configurations that are likely to be changed on an ongoing basis and by the end user, such as call settings or call forwarding.

Example: Set your configuration so that incoming calls are redirected to voicemail while you are on holiday (DND, Do not disturb).

Set extension features

Before you begin

The phone number must currently be active. See Activate a phone number.

Accessing the Phone number details

  1. Access the phone number details for either the operator or an occupier:

    1. To access the telephony details for the operator:

      • Click Account in the main menu.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

    2. To access the telephony details for an occupier:

      • Click Occupiers in the main menu.

      • Select the <occupier>.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

  2. If the list of phone numbers is not visible (the number of phone numbers is presented), click the drop-down icon.

All of the phone numbers that have been allocated for the selected occupier or the operator at this site are presented in a list.
Tip: You can filter this list using the options to its top-right.

Setting the extension features

When hovering your cursor over the phone number:

  1. Click Extension features.

    The Extension features dialog box opens.

  2. Update the details of the extension features, as described in Extension features.

  3. Click Submit.

Your changes are saved and will be applied as soon as the update process is complete (in approximately one minute).

Extension features

Note: The preceding screen shot shows the default settings for a phone number.



Read-only phone number details:

  • Phone number

  • Extension

  • Default PIN

The basic details for this phone number, including the default PIN that is used to log in to the voicemail mailbox, voice portal, and handset for this phone number for the first time. For more information about this PIN, see Reset PIN.


  • Enabled

  • Voicemail to email

  • Enabled - Allows a caller to leave a voicemail message.

  • Voicemail to email - Forward voicemail messages to an email address. Select this option and enter the target email address.
    Note: If this phone number is assigned, the email address of the assigned user will be used to populate this field by default.

Call forwarding:

  • Always

  • Busy

  • No answer

Incoming calls to this number are redirected to another number in the following scenarios:

  • Always - All inbound calls are sent to the selected number immediately. This option effectively overrides the other call forwarding options.

  • Busy - Any inbound calls received while the phone is in use are sent to the selected number.
    This option cannot be selected with Call waiting. When the line is busy, calls can either wait or be redirected, not both.

  • No Answer - If an inbound call to the number is not answered after 3 rings, the call is sent to the selected number.

Selecting a call forwarding option enables a field that captures the number to forward the calls to.

Warning: Call forwarding is disabled for phone numbers with the Authorization code functionality enabled.

Call settings

Call waiting

Receive a signal that indicates that someone has called you while you are engaged in another call. This allows you to pick up the new call.

This option cannot be selected with Call forwarding - Busy. When the line is busy, calls can either wait or be redirected, not both.

Do not disturb

All calls received for this number are redirected as follows:

  • If voicemail is configured, all calls are sent to the voice messaging service.

  • Otherwise, a busy tone is played to the caller.

CLI (Number to be displayed)

Change the number that is displayed as this phone number's caller ID on outbound calls.

Example: Select the occupier's main number from this list to show the main number as the caller ID when this number makes a call.

  • Toggle - Enables or disables CLI.

  • Number to be displayed - The number to use as the caller ID. This drop-down list contains all active essensys phone numbers associated with the same occupier or operator.


  • If the drop-down list is empty, you may need to activate the phone number that you want to use as this phone number's caller ID.

  • If you also enable Hide caller ID, the caller ID will be hidden regardless of the CLI setting.

Hide caller ID

Hides your outgoing Caller ID when you call another number.

If enabled, this overrides any CLI number.

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